Two Worlds II version two equals two DLC plus Two Worlds III

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Two Worlds II, the plucky open-world fantasy roleplaying game from Reality Pump, is getting a significant engine overhaul including user interface improvements, higher resolution detail, achievements, and cooperative multiplayer. Why upgrade a game from 2010? In the announcement, publisher TopWare Interactive revealed that they will be releasing two new DLC installments for the game. Call of the Tenebrae, coming this year, and Shattered Embrace, which will follow afterwards.

In the wake of a rash of disappearances across the land, the Hero receives an unexpected letter from DarPha, compelling him to travel across Antaloor to assist her in solving the mysterious kidnappings. He arrives just in time to see a group of robed figures seemingly murder DarPha before disappearing into a magical portal. The Hero is thrust into a decades old mystery while a new race of horrific, rat-like creatures attempt to destroy Antaloor for good.

In addition to the upgrades for Two Worlds II, fans of the series can look forward to Two Worlds III. According to TopWare, they’ve begun work on the sequel and are planning a development schedule that spans 36 months.