The next PlayStation console may be closer than you think

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Right after the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Kotaku published a report alleging that Sony was working on a kind of “PlayStation 4.5” that would be a half-step between the current console and a next-gen hardware target. This console would feature an iterative advance on specifications rather than a complete revision. A little more oomph here and bit more razzamatazz there to make current games play more smoothly, better support PlayStation VR’s graphics-hungry requirements, and take some steps into the 4K resolution space. According to Kotaku’s sources, there wasn’t a clear timetable for when this was coming, but Sony held meetings with developers and publishers to discuss the concept.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry says they have independently verified the existence of this iterative console. Their contacts told them it’s being referred to as the PlayStation 4K, and that the machine already exists as a prototype.

The most obvious flaw in this plan is that the audience may not be ready to buy another PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 launched only three years ago, and the console being discussed doesn’t offer much more than a slight upgrade. Unfortunately, if developers and publishers target the hardware of the PlayStation 4.5/4K for their next games, owners of the plain old PlayStation 4 may find themselves left behind.