The top 10 secrets of Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley, the surprise indie farming hit from one man dev team Eric Barone, isn’t just about farming. There’s a host of secrets and tricks buried in the idyllic landscape and among the populace of nearby Pelican Town. Like Harvest Moon or Rune Factory, the inspirations for Stardew Valley, the game is stuffed with hidden bits and bobs to discover. There are whole systems of gameplay buried beneath the hoeing, planting, and harvesting. It’s actually fairly easy to miss out on some of the cooler Easter Eggs.

After the jump, let’s do the Dew!

Keep in mind that like most life sims, Stardew Valley is a time management game at its heart. If you’re too busy poking in holes and looking for hidden treasure, you could end up neglecting the basics like rest and sleep – in the game. Although, you wouldn’t be the first person to let Stardew Valley screw up their sleep time in real life.

10. Grandpa is a jerk.

In the opening moments of the game, your grandfather hands you a letter and (spoiler alert) dies. Before he kicks off, Grandpa tells you that you should hold on to the letter and open it someday later when you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Surprise! You inherited a farm. Gee, thanks, Gramps. You just dumped a load of responsibility and property taxes on the player character while leaving a bunch of rubble and debris in the fields. Good job! I guess it’s a good thing Grandad died, because it would suck to have him arbitrarily judge the player’s performance without teaching him or her a damn thing about farming.

9. Grandpa is a gigantic jerk.

Oh, never mind. Gramps’ ghost is actually judging the player character. After three years, Grandpa pops up and hands out a score to the player based on his or her success and a bunch of hidden objectives like how many friends have been made and which star sign is in retrograde. Three years, Gramps? That’s how long you give to someone to rebuild the junk farm you left behind? Nice.

8. Everyone loves Leah.

She’s the artist that lives in a lonely cottage outside of Pelican Town and if you’re like everyone else in the world, you’re going to try to pursue her for a romantic relationship. Don’t. She’ll break your heart, boys. Besides, she’s all mine.


7. The Secret Woods are not all that secret.

Yes, there’s a Secret Woods area in the northwest of Cindersap Forest. Everyone knows about it. Stop talking about it like you’re the first person to stumble into it for Heaven’s sake. Oh! You moved a log! Congratulations. The villagers are all laughing at your “big discovery” anyway.

6. The best crop in the game is not the Sweet Gem Berry.

The Sweet Gem Berry is OP. 180-no-scope-MMMMM-M-M-M-Monsterkill-badass. But it’s a sucker crop. It sells for mad money and it’s on the high-end of the farming “tech tree” but don’t be deceived by its position in the hierarchy. The real winner plant is the beet. (We called them the “dirt rubies” back in the day.) Six days from seed to harvest and you’re rolling in fat beet money like pimp Dwight Schrute. Plus, who doesn’t love a tart beet salad? No one, yo. No one.

5. The Community Center is a black hole of despair.

When you first get to Stardew Valley and see your farm for the first time, it’s easy to think that it’s going to be the money pit for the game. You’re wrong. The real money pit is The Community Center. Like a less sympathetic Tom Nook, the Pelican Town Community Center is going to mess you up. You can pour a million hours of blood, sweat, and tears into it, but it will just sit there, offering another goodie to acquire. Five days after stepping foot in the valley, this yawning tribute to desperation will unlock and destroy whatever plans you had.

4. The Joja Corporation really isn’t that bad.

They’re job creators!


3. The Stardrop Saloon is less of a saloon and more of a pub.

It’s got a cow skull on the wall, a stuffed bear, and a fireplace. You can throw peanut shells on the floor. There are even lanterns on the tables. It’s missing the most important part of a saloon – the spittoon. Where are you supposed to squirt your mouth oil? No tobacco juice can? No sale!

2. Even when farm living, the TV is God.

Take a few minutes every morning to watch the television in your room when you wake up. Just like in real life, it’s a fount of knowledge like the daily weather forecast, the horoscope, recipes, and whatever the Kardashians are up to. Oh Kim, we just can’t get enough of your antics. And get a load of Kanye West! What a scamp.

1. Stardew Valley’s home country is at war with The Gotoro Empire.