Minecraft just got more like a real game

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Mojang has updated the combat in Minecraft. The Combat Update has been a long time coming and it features sweeping changes to the game’s fighting. Player strikes no longer happen as fast as you can tap the mouse button. There is now a delay that forces players to time their attacks. To offset this cool-down, shields can be crafted from various materials to block incoming hits. Dual-wielding is now allowed. Swords have a sweep attack, and axes can deal crushing blows. Along with these changes, a host of new materials and items have been added to the game.

The Combat Update is currently only available for the older Java-based version of Minecraft. The Windows 10, console, and mobile versions of the game are still a couple of updates behind, so “old-school” PC players are the only ones that get to experience the new gameplay. The good news is that there are plenty of skin packs to buy on those versions of the game.