Shadwen can rewind time, assassinate guards, and drop pricing based on popularity

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Frozenbyte, makers of the Trine games, have a proposition for you. They’ll reduce the launch price of their upcoming stealth game Shadwen based on the number of people that play the demo. It’s hovering at about $26 as of this post, and there are almost four days left for players to game the price down. Like any good stealth action title, Shadwen revels in lethal guards, hiding in shadows, and nifty tools of the trade like grappling hooks and traps. The Frozenbyte twist comes with the use of Trine-like physics and time manipulation. Objects in the game have physical properties and can be used in fiendish ways to knock about or stack to get access to new areas. The physics combined with the time-rewinding and pausing ability means Shadwen can offer some things an Animus-powered memory assassin can’t.

Shadwen is releasing later this year on Windows PC.

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