Call of Duty finally offers everything people have asked for: Much less

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Activision is offering a stripped-down Call of Duty package on PC that only has multiplayer. The Multiplayer Starter Pack allows gamers to get in on the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 3, the latest Call of Duty, for a bargain price of $15. This version of the game gives you the ability to join the versus ranked multiplayer modes and grind to your heart’s content for 55 levels. You’ll get unlock tokens to access weapons, classes, and abilities, you’ll be able to buy Cyptokeys to gamble on bonus items, and you can purchase the DLC map packs to open up more match arenas. This is a limited-time offer that will only be available until February 29th.

There are a couple of points to consider with this offer. Since you can only max out at level 55 and you aren’t able to start over in Prestige levels with this version of the game, players will have to be judicious about their unlocks. There are 75 items to unlock in Black Ops 3, which means you’ll be missing a few wild cards, specialists, or guns. Owners of this limited package also cannot set up custom games with bots or use mod tools once they are released. The cooperative zombies mode and the story campaign are not available to the Starter Pack players. If a gamer decides to continue the level treadmill, they’ll need to purchase the Multiplayer Starter Pack Upgrade which will give them the rest of the game, including the ability to start over in Prestige levels, for $45.

We didn’t care for the story campaign or zombies mode, but the multiplayer portion of Black Ops 3 is arguably one of the best iterations of this style of gameplay. Activision has not said if the Multiplayer Starter Pack offer will come to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.