Maybe a shiny new sword will get players to come back to Battlefield Hardline?

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Battlefield Hardline’s next big update will add swords to the arsenal of killing devices. If you thought the police were too militarized, or that the criminals were unrealistically kitted in Battlefield Hardline, then the addition of clangy swords and gunfights in locations like Alcatraz and Chinatown in the Betrayal map pack probably won’t disavow you of that notion. Coming in March, the DLC will feature four new maps, seven new weapons, and two new vehicles. The DLC is part of the Premium pass for the Electronic Arts shooter. There will also be a free update to the base game that will add eleven new weapons along with an improvement to the loot tables for the Battlepacks players get as slot machine rewards.

The Chinatown map may be the rumored remake of the Grand Bazaar map from Battlefield 3, albeit with sword fights and police sirens. With a player population that is regularly lower than the older Battlefield 4, it certainly can’t hurt to mix things up with ridiculous weapons and remakes of fan-favorite maps.