The second part of Godus is just as fun to watch crashing in slow motion as the first

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Peter Molyneaux and 22Cans is back with another ill-advised boondoggle. Godus, the unfinished crowd-funded public relations nightmare, was an unqualified failure. Between disgruntled customers, disappointed contest winners, and scathing reviews, the real-time god game was a lost cause. Enter Godus Wars. It turns out that the real-time combat promised but never implemented in Godus needed its own program. (Luckily, this also allows the developers a chance to start over!) Peter Molyneaux himself explains it in-game via cartoon avatar.

“I always imagined Godus being two games, one tranquil, one war like. With this build we introduce the warlike element.”

Sure, Peter. The olive branch for backers of the first game is that they all got a “free” copy of Godus Wars. That’s in quotes because it turned out that Godus Wars, even in an early access state, had in-app purchases after the first island area. 22Cans has since removed those charges based on overwhelming negative feedback, but you can be sure that the developers are hard at work figuring out another way to anger their reluctant customers.