Despite how it sounds, more aliens may not be a bad thing for Grey Goo

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Petroglyph’s Grey Goo didn’t knock our socks off at launch, but the throwback real-time strategy game had a lot of moxie. It took on the traditional three-way faction setup and mixed it with Petroglyph’s unique sensibilities, leading to an in-game race made up of amorphous blobs, and a campaign animated by Weta Digital. Unfortunately, the game didn’t click with the intended audience and the player numbers have remained woefully low.

Petroglyph hasn’t given up on Grey Goo. The Descent of the Shroud DLC adds an entirely new fourth faction to the game for free. The Shroud’s units are built around disrupting the other race’s normal build orders. In fact, according to the DLC trailer, The Shroud are powerful enough to make the Goo flee! Dropping a new faction into an RTS in’t possible without some disruption, so the game is also getting a balance update to account for the newest gooey enemies. Perhaps it’s time to give this game another look?

Grey Goo is available on Steam.