Now that Need for Speed has wrap sharing, when will we see anime skins and swastikas?

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Need for Speed’s newest update features community sharing of custom wraps. The Showcase Update for Ghost Games’ surprising racer has added the ability to share custom livery designs, (called “wraps” in the ultra-bro world of Need for Speed) like in more recent Forza games. Forza, of course, is the game that proved if you give people a canvas, some of them will inevitably create the most detailed offensive content imaginable. It’s like the internet itself, writ small!

If you’re tired of old-fashioned stock stickers like Red Bull and Penzoil lamely adorning your Need for Speed ride, you can now browse other people’s hand-crafted anime princesses and curse words to download and use. The update also add more customization parts and a photo mode so you can capture the epic grandeur of Sailor Moon spread-eagle on your Nissan Skyline.