How do you say “prehistoric owl drone strike” in Far Cry Primal?

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Far Cry Primal’s stone age characters converse using a made-up language called Wenja. Speaking to IGN in normal English, the game’s writer, Kevin Shortt, revealed that the in-game language is a fictional construct based on proto-European speech. Thankfully, the dialogue is subtitled, so players won’t be scratching their heads when someone grunts “klaatu barada nikto” at them.

“So we created the setting, the flora, the megafauna and then when it came to actually telling the story it just felt wrong to say ‘ok we’re going to do it in modern language.’ Because it was going to pop. You were going to feel it. So we did some tests, and it did pop. It wasn’t right. So we thought, ‘hell, let’s make a language.'”

Far Cry Primal will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23rd, but PC players will have to wait until March.