Just when you thought you were done with Dying Light, it’s getting a lot bigger

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Dying Light, Techland’s already stuffed-to-the-gills zombie game, which is going to get a bunch of new content in February, is also getting 250 new character levels. That’s not a misprint. 250 levels of skills, unlocks, and experience to grind. The upcoming Enhanced Edition of the game will feature Legendary Levels beyond the original 25. As the linked video shows, some of the perks seem comically overpowered. That’s probably a good thing because anyone that’s maxed out the base game’s levels is probably playing in a manner that’s less serious and more experimental. It’s all about flying judo kicks and bunny-hopping into undead crowds rather than trying to stay alive.

Dying Light: Enhanced Edition will be a free update for owners of the base game on February 9th. A bundled Enhanced Edition of the game will be sold at retail that includes the Season Pass content.