Grand Theft Auto V gets a little lower

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There are a bunch of faux classic cars in Grand Theft Auto V like the Vapid Peyote or the Albany Manana that seem ready-made for the mechanical wizardry of Xzibit. You can take them into the existing garages and add some modifications, but they’ll still look fairly normal no matter what. There just hasn’t been a way to turn them into the kind of street appropriate chariots that would make the cut in War’s song. Drive-by shootings in a soccer-mom car? As if! Luckily, Grand Theft Auto V’s next update will bring lowriders to the game. The free update adds Benny’s Original Motor Works to Grand Theft Auto Online’s Strawberry neighborhood. There, Benny will let players fulfill their dream of owning their own Gypsy Rose. Slow and low, metallic flake paint, and booming bass.

The Lowrider update will launch tomorrow for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V.