Pre-ordering games makes people feel sad, but they keep doing it

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According to Adobe pre-ordering games makes you sad, but you don’t seem to be able to stop plunking down money on upcoming titles. In a recently published report, Adobe looked at over 4 billion website visits and 20 million engagements on popular social media sites to determine how people feel about pre-ordering videogames. The number one emotion expressed by people discussing pre-orders was sadness with a whopping 33% of the pie chart. Joy was only cited 18% of the time, which was the same for admiration, then surprise at 9%, and finally anticipation finished the scale with a measly 2%. Unfortunately for all those people decrying pre-orders, they are up 24% this year compared to the previous year, and pre-order revenue has increased 33% in the same period. You hate them, but you love them.