Stormtroopers don’t need to shoot straight in Star Wars Battlefront

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If you played the Star Wars Battlefront beta, you may have noticed that Walker Assault Mode seemed skewed in favor of the bad guys. That wasn’t your imagination. It’s a balance issue according to the developer. The Hoth multiplayer level of the game recreates the famous battle scene from The Empire Strikes back with players taking on the roles of the plucky under-gunned rebels trying to stop the advance of two All-Terrain Armored Transports, (nerd card shown!) or the Imperials assaulting the rebel base. It’s possible to for the Rebel players to destroy the advancing walkers, but it’s not easy. The rebel players have to cooperate and communicate effectively. The stormtroopers just have to press their advantage by shooting at stuff, which can be accomplished without much coordination. According to DICE, they’re going to try to fix the issue. May I suggest making stormtroopers 50% less accurate with their weapons? That would align with the historical record as well as making the level easier for the rebel alliance.

Star Wars Battlefront is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on November 17th.