80 Days travels to a whole new world

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80 Days is now on PC. This charming adventure game made quite the splash on mobile platforms when it was released last year thanks to its storytelling. Inkle Studio’s art deco take on the trials of being Phileas Fogg’s manservant while helping him fly around the world was already filled with gentlemanly challenges, but just in time for the new platform, the developers are adding more. The additions include new destinations, new storylines, and more intrigue! According to Inkle Studios, the word count in 80 Days is now larger than the first five Harry Potter novels. Voyage verbosa!

Deputise for a corrupt Sheriff, play poker with a billionaire, go over Niagara Falls, rekindle a lost romance, discover Port Moresby (to the surprise of its inhabitants) and soar skywards with the curious Levitating Atheists of Valaam.

80 Days is available on Steam and GOG.com.