Downton Abbey goes upstairs, downstairs for free-to-play

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Keep your Call of Duty and your Metal Gear Solid. You think you’re some kind of badass for fighting off waves of robo-insurgents or silently taking down Russian soldiers? Piffle! Try keeping the silver polished while attending to the pressing needs of your master as a valet. In Activision’s Downton Abbey: Mysteries of the Manor, the player is tasked with managing the estate while searching for a thief. It’s free-to-play, so even the help can try the diversion, but be aware that only the betters will be able to afford the usual run of in-game currency.

“Return found items to their rightful owners and earn the nobility’s favors!”

The Earl of Grantham needs your help and in return you’ll earn his favor! My oh my! Why did the primogeniture system go away again?