Evolve needs a medic

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Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve, their asymmetrical shooter, will be free this weekend on Xbox One and PC. See, they just released the Monster 2.0 update back on the 11th of August, but no one seems to have cared enough to talk about it. In fact, you didn’t even check to see that it wasn’t really called “Monster 2.0” at all. It’s the Hunter 2.0 update. With a rough launch and rougher marketing campaign that never quite overcame the vocal objections to the pricing model, Evolve has floundered. A free weekend may be just the ticket to get people to at least try the game.

Not only will the game be free for the weekend, but Turtle Rock is releasing the Meteor Goliath, a fiery variant of the monster, for free to everyone to keep. Also, if you buy the game after the trial period, all your stats and unlocks will carry over. Wait! That’s not all! During the weekend trial, all the DLC characters will be available for everyone to sample as well. You’re not too busy playing Mad Max, or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, or taking a nap, to experience the shooter that got a solid “mixed” rating on Steam right?