This is the relationship between playing Halo and watching a colonoscopy video

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The anus doors in Prey. The beheading in God of War 3. The many grim deaths of Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Every time you experience something gross in a videogame, people toiled hard to make that happen. An animator had to figure out how a person’s head would tear off. An artist had to research the textures for diseased skin. A sound designer had to mix the screams. Gamasutra has a piece about how these folks go about grossing gamers out and what kind of toll it takes on the people doing the work. It turns out that you can hate Halo 3’s Cortana levels for more than just throwing you into an impossible fight against the Flood.

“We wanted a lot of long stringy tunnels, and I’d gotten the idea of looking at colonoscopy videos for reference. So I was watching all these colonoscopy videos to get ideas on what I could do to mimic their style, that feeling of being inside something.”

As much as you detested running through those tunnels, you have nothing on Halo artist Vic DeLeon. He had to watch footage that came from inside someone’s butt to make those areas. A true gaming hero.