Microsoft at Gamescom: Remember all those great Xbox 360 games you loved?

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Gamescom 2015 kicked off with Microsoft’s press briefing today. While Sony decided that they had better things to do than talk to Europe, Microsoft took the opportunity to remind everyone that they had a lot of really great games on the Xbox 360.

A bunch of new Xbox One games coming up will come with a digital copy of the previous game in the franchise series, playable thanks to Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Buy Just Cause 3 and you’ll get Just Cause 2. Purchase Rainbow Six Siege and you’ll get Rainbow Six Vegas. Plus, all future Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles will be backwards compatible on Xbox One. Current gen players will effectively be getting four games a month with their Xbox Live subscription. Backwards compatibility is something the PlayStation 4 can’t do, so it makes sense that Microsoft is going to push that feature for all it’s worth.

Microsoft and 343 Industries stressed how much they want Halo 5 multiplayer to be an eSports darling. Halo 5 has better balance and new fast-paced abilities built into players’ armor. The game has two competitive modes called Warzone and Arena. They’ve built live commenting tools like on-screen graphics and instant replays into the feature set of the game. They’re sponsoring a $1 million Halo 5 tournament. They all but begged for gamers to come back to Halo. Won’t someone think of the Spartan children?

Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Quantum Break, Forza 6 and Fable Legends were shown as Xbox One exclusives with some of the titles also coming to Windows 10 as well. A rep from Mojang, looking about as unenthused as possible, premiered Cobalt which appeared to be a lackluster multiplayer platformer. On the flipside, Cuphead, a side-scroller set in a faux-1930’s cartoon from Studio MDHR, looks more evocative than anything else Microsoft brought in their reel.

Remember Homefront? It’s back as Homefront: The Revolution. This time, it’s more of an open-world affair. You’ll still be fighting implausibly powerful North Korean invaders, but now you’ll do it on a motorcycle. There was a distressing lack of Hooters and White Castle in the gameplay video. Perhaps in the game’s dystopian future, North Korea has outlawed theme restaurants?

Finally, in a bittersweet moment, Microsoft announced Halo Wars 2. It’s being made by Creative Assembly and it’s coming in 2016. Pour one out for Ensemble Entertainment!