It’s time to pay for your fun in Rocket League

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With over 5 million downloads Rocket League is a hit. Digging into that number, we can see that roughly 500k come from paying customers on Steam, leaving about 4.5 million downloads on the PlayStation 4 where Rocket League is currently free as part of the PlayStation Plus program. Not too shabby for a game about cars playing soccer.

When you have 5 million players enjoying your game, you can be sure that some of them will buy DLC if you offer it. That’s good because in this case, most of them haven’t paid a cent yet. Developer Psyonix has outlined their strategy in that regard. The San Diego-based studio is going to support their game with a mix of paid and free DLC. First up, is the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack. It’s coming in early August and will feature an American muscle car and a Japanese street racer to round out players’ garages. A slew of cosmetic accessories will be included to collect. The DLC will be $3.99.

Alongside the paid DLC, Rocket League will be getting a free update for everyone that will add the Utopia Coliseum (pictured above) 70 more country flags, and beefed-up graphical effects. A new spectator mode will be added for players that just like to watch.