Splatoon finally gets a weapon that makes sense

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Splatoon is getting a major free update in August. Nintendo’s Ink-tastic update to their multiplayer ink-shooter on the Wii U will bring the level cap up to 50 from the current limit of 20, adds private battles for just you and your friends, a squad battle mode for easier team joining, and opens up 40 more pieces of clothing gear like a sushi-chef costume. The update will also add two new weapons to the mix. The Slosher is a bucket-like apparatus that allows players to hurl ink in big globules. The Splatling (pictured above) has a high rate of fire and has the option to charge shots for more impact. If you’re going to be spraying squid ink at people, why wouldn’t you use a Gatling gun to do it?

Splatoon’s Ink-tastic update will be released on August 5th. Nintendo promises that further updates are coming that will add more content to the base game for free.