The Escapists can break out of any prison, but can they dodge the undead?

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The Escapists, the 2D roleplaying prison escape indie hit, is getting a standalone crossover game set in the zombie apocalypse. Developer Team17 is working with Skybound Entertainment to make The Escapists: The Walking Dead. The cartoon pixel art and humor of The Escapists may not seem like a great match for the grim world of The Walking Dead, but when you consider the chaos of the prison breakout scenarios in the game and the way things go pear-shaped so quickly in Robert Kirkman’s comics, it’s not such a stretch. Rick Grimes’ clan of survivors are basically always escaping from one terrible location to another. Plus, the Meriwether County Correctional Facility from the comics is a natural fit for at least one good scenario.

The Escapists is available on Xbox One and PC. The Escapists: The Walking Dead will launch later this year for the same platforms.