Reading and brewing could be another distraction in The Witcher 3

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In the open world of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, there are a few activities that can delay a player’s progress. The card game Gwent is one. Horse-racing is another. A flippant Witcher could waste a lot of time on these. Gathering crafting ingredients and reading books is part of a monster hunter’s job, but both have built-in checks to stop players from going crazy. CD Projekt RED wisely placed weight limits on Geralt’s inventory, so eventually even the most ardent herb-gatherer has to stop crouching at every bush in the wilderness. Thankfully, books go willy-nilly into the inventory and clutter up the space. No true bibliophile can deal with that. That’s all about to change.

Patch 1.07, coming this week, will eliminate the impact crafting materials have on the player’s weight limit, and it will add a separate tab in the character screen to organize books. These quality of life changes have the potential to ruin the delicate balance between the urge to vacuum up everything in sight and the onerous task of dealing with the inventory. Without that negative consequence, what’s to stop the obsessive gamer from pausing at every loose plant and bookcase? After the patch, this will be two more things that can easily disrupt your life of monster hunting!