Terraria gets a tax collector, proving you have to take the good with the bad

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Terraria, the 2D sideways survival builder, is getting an update today that adds Steam multiplayer integration, achievements, 800 new in-game items, an “expert” mode, and a bundle of bug fixes to the PC version of the game. It also adds a tax collector NPC. That’s what you’ve been waiting for before you scampered off to fight the giant robot skeleton or the flying pirate ship, right? Settling up with the tax collector. The 1.3 update will likely be that the last official feature patch for the game, according to developer Re-Logic.

In an age of Darkness & a time of Evil…when the world needed a Hero…they got – you. With an array of new weapons, functionality, facelifts, and features at your disposal – will you be up to the challenges posed by the new foes in your path…as well as some old enemies that have learned some new tricks?

Rather than scroll through a list of changes, you can check out the trailer for the 1.3 update here. Terraria is available on Steam.