This is how Killing Floor 2 is making blood and guts more gooey

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After kicking off the inaugural E3 PC Gaming Show, Tripwire Interactive is showing off more of their zombie shoot-a-thon Killing Floor 2. If you watched the E3 show, you may have caught the sneaky exchange between host Sean Plott and Tripwire’s John Gibson regarding some tech they were using to make their game more visceral. That technology comes from NVIDIA, which of course, couldn’t really be talked about during the venue which was sponsored by graphics card rival AMD. That’s PhysX Flex, by the way. If all goes to plan, Killing Floor 2 will be the first game to ship with NVIDIA’s new tech that combines simulations of various materials.

As the Bloat waddles towards players he’ll vomit Flex-powered bile as a ranged attack, and when gibbed his lungs, intestines and skull will spew forth, in addition to buckets of blood and smaller giblets. Blood and bile intermix, body parts and fluids are scattered by explosions and the Siren’s scream, and everything interacts realistically with geometry and objects. And should another Bloat be popped, the force of his internals exploding outward will further manipulate the disgusting Flex-powered mess that’s already been created.

Charming. NVIDIA pointed out that Flex could be used for more mundane simulations like bursting water balloons, but why not skip straight to zombie guts? It’s the enemy in 70% of games now anyway. Killing Floor 2 is currently available in early access on Steam.