Think the tractors in Farming Simulator are expensive? Check out the controller.

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Let’s say you love Farming Simulator 15. You like driving tractors, harvesting crops, and improving your farm. It gives you wood. You like everything about it, but playing with the mouse and keyboard makes you feel disconnected. Hardcore driving fans get wheels and pedals to drive their video game Porsches. Virtual jockeys get throttle and stick setups to fly their jets. Even giant robot fans got Steel Battalion! Why are they the only ones that get to blow hundreds of dollars on their sims?

Saitek has you covered. The Farming Simulator wheel, pedals, and side panel bundle is the answer to your digital agricultural prayers. It features a “realistic front loader stick” to control the heavy machinery, 25 programmable buttons, and 900 degrees of rotation on the wheel for “maximum” realism. All for only $299.99. There are cheaper kits that leave one or more components out, but why skimp? Just go for it. Farm living is the life for me!