How to set up Valve’s Vive in 32 easy steps

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When Valve and HTC revealed their co-developed Vive headset system, they promised all the pie-in-the-sky VR stuff that skeptical gamers have grown to expect. It’s transformative! It will put players into the games! It’s easy and fun to use! Now that some studios are getting their development kits, we can see that it’s at least fun to set up. As detailed in a 32-step instruction guide, illustrated in that iconic Portal style, prepping the system includes GLaDOS-appropriate warnings like “Do not attempt to pry open basestations.” and frighteningly neutral commands like “Enjoy VR.” If we all work together, we should be able to make “Space for eyewear can be created by extending face gasket out and re-tightening inside knob.” into the new “The cake is a lie.”