Clicker Heroes is the fastest way to destroy your mouse

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Click. Click. Click. Clicker Heroes is a game about clicking. You click the screen to kill monsters, gain gold, and level up heroes to gain more abilities, to click bigger monsters, etc. It starts harmlessly enough with one click of your mouse doing one hit point of damage on a cartoon RPG beast. Click-click-click and the monster dies with a satisfying sound accompanied by a gold piece dropping out of its body. There’s no strategy. There’s no way to fail. Hoover up the gold and wait for the next monster to appear. How did four hours pass? Why am I trying to maximize click damage and calculate grind times to get to 100,000 damage per click? It’s dumb and simple and insulting, but you’ll sit there clicking away because stuff is happening and the lizard part of your brain feels good.

Clicker Heroes isn’t the first of its kind, but it’s likely the first in the genre to make the transition to Steam, complete with in-game app purchases. ($99.00 for a bunch of gems to help you click faster!) Cow Clicker by Ian Bogost is probably the genesis of this type of thing. If you haven’t checked out Mr. Bogost’s analysis of his own creation, you should. He goes into a lot of the reasons why it works and why you may want to look out for these tactics in “real” games. That’s if you get time between clicks.