If you didn’t like the ending to Divinity: Original Sin, wait for the enhanced edition

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Enhanced editions are in. InXile Entertainment is doing it for Wasteland 2 and now Larian is giving Divinity: Original Sin a do-over as well. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is coming to consoles and PCs. This improved version of the fantasy RPG adds full voice performances for all characters, controller support, couch co-op, new quests and NPCs, and the obligatory revamped visuals. Rather than just being a set of enhancements to bring the game to consoles, the developers are also “heavily” rewriting the story to include a new ending. In fact, it’s so different that when the enhanced edition is released for free (yes, free) to current owners, it will be a separate game. According to Larian’s Swen Vincke, they were just going to patch the PC version of Original Sin, then translate that work to the consoles, but the project grew into something larger.

And so we started, first with small things intended to be included in the N-th patch, but soon with more drastic things that couldn’t be included that easily. Then, even more drastic things made it to our tasklist that conflicted with the “patch protocol”, a series of rules that ensure story changes don’t break savegame compatibility and would therefore only be present in new games.

When the UI, controller and split-screen experiments looked like they were going to be successful, it almost became a no-brainer that we’d apply our re-engineering skills to the entire game. And so we did.

You can watch a video about Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition here.