May the XP be with you in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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It’s May 4th and because Cinco de Mayo is claimed by all the cool kids, nerds had to make up a new internet holiday centered around Star Wars. “May the fourth be with you!” Har har. In turn, that means any Star Wars licensed property is obligated to do stuff today to please the fans. Take Star Wars: The Old Republic. Disney’s new saga continuity may have retroactively negated the canon status of the MMO, but that won’t stop BioWare from promoting a new Epic Story XP Boost today. Subscribers to the MMO will get a multiplier to their experience that is designed to take them all the way through their class story quests and will remain active into this Fall. Along with the XP increase, subscribers will get additional quality of life improvements like unlocked planetary taxi destinations, quicker quick travel cooldowns, and emergency travel passes will be available earlier.

As you can see, the Epic Story XP Boost not only brings a huge boost to the experience you gain from Class Missions, it provides big improvements to how you travel around the Galaxy. With great quality of life improvements to both travel and staying geared while leveling, the Epic Story XP Boost is the best time ever to play through all of our great Class stories.

The dark side is quicker, easier, more seductive, so players that want to do things the harder way can opt out of the XP boost by purchasing a White Acute Module consumable. Star Wars: The Old Republic has been free-to-play since 2012, but does offer a subscription option.