Frozen Cortex’s first-round draft pick is a manager update

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Mode 7 has updated Frozen Cortex with manager features. The indie robo-football strategy game now offers full game simulation in a top-down view, free agent bidding, salary cap adjustments, a 90-team college league, a draft tournament, and players can now be “injured” or disabled. Most importantly, for players that may have found the Frozen Cortex A.I. enemies a tad too good, the manager update adds an easy mode. On the bad news side, although Mode 7 had planned to add multiplayer leagues to the game, that feature will not be coming.

We need to be more conservative with planned features that we announce in future, so we’ll do our best to stop something like this happening again. I know it’s extremely frustrating when a feature you wanted and were expecting gets cut: I’m annoyed that this happened. We will continue to do our best to both get the spec of games right in advance and execute the spec that we announce fully.

Frozen Cortex is available for purchase on Steam and the official site.