Get spine-ripping, head-twisting, and eye-gouging on the cheap in Mortal Kombat X

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When I was younger, I was always in awe of the players that could pull off all of Mortal Kombat’s fatalities. It irked me that when I played those guys, I had to always settle for the normal match endings instead of doing something cool like freezing someone and shattering them, or harpooning them in the head. Is it back, back, front, back, up or back, back, up, front, back? Mortal Kombat offers players a path to easier fatalities – for a price. On the PlayStation and Xbox stores, fatality-challenged players can purchase either a 5-pack or 30-pack of expendable tokens that can be used in-game to turn the complicated finishing moves into two button inputs. These simpler kills have not yet appeared for sale to PC players. Players can always earn similar tokens in-game through play, but paying for them with real money offers a shortcut to impatient kombatants that just want to rip someone’s heart out now.

Mortal Kombat X is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.