There are clues that there may indeed be another Call of Duty game

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We can thank 2004’s I Love Bees for the mystifying love affair between big budget game sequels and obfuscated marketing. Decode a hidden website, to read some badly written fan-fiction, to discover the clue, to get to the teaser announcement trailer! So interactive. Thankfully, most of the modern ARG attempts are less convoluted. Hunt the Truth for Halo 5 is almost refreshingly direct.

It remains to be seen if the ARG for the next Call of Duty will be simple or complicated. So far, it only required players to notice a small texture change in a couple of multiplayer levels of Black Ops II. Treyarch pushed out a tiny update to Black Ops II on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 over the weekend that added a Snapchat image link to an in-game asset. Following the link led to this enigmatic video. Is it a hint of Black Ops III or World at War II? The numbers Mason! What do they mean?