Anyone can see how Broken Age got broken, then mended

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The Double Fine Adventure documentary is now available for everyone to watch for free. Originally filmed as one of the incentives to Kickstarter backers, the documentary series shows the studio’s development process for Broken Age, the crowd-funded adventure game. The first 10 episodes are available now, and the rest of the series will be released every Tuesday and Thursday until the April 28th launch of Broken Age Act 2.

Over $3 million was raised in the original Kickstarter for Broken Age, and the game had to be split into two acts. According to Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, the game’s increased scope exceeded the projected timeline and led to delays which necessitated the game’s division. The extended development time required the first half of the game’s sales to pay for development of the second half. Purchasers of Act 1 will get Act 2 at no additional charge.