Conker’s bad day has led to waking up in Project Spark

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Conker, the foul-mouthed squirrel of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, is coming to Microsoft Studios’ Project Spark. Conker’s Big Reunion will be an episodic “create & play” DLC experience. In addition to a playable storyline that will have Conker overcoming obstacles to attend a reunion, the accompanying Conker Content Pack will add approximately 300 assets to the Project Spark toy box for use by players in their own creations. Chris Seavor, the original voice for Conker will be returning to supply new dialogue.

“As we got near E3, we knew we needed the original Conker, so we reached out to Chris Seavor, who was no longer at Rare. When we shared the plan and showed him what Project Spark was, he was excited to bring in Conker. Rare gave us all the original assets we’ve needed, including the original music. Pretty much everything from tone, to scenarios, to music, etc. Rare has given feedback and help all along the way, it’s been tremendous. They really care immensely about the characters and giving them to the fans to create with.”

Conker’s Big Reunion will launch on April 23rd for Xbox One and Windows PC. I’m sure this is exactly how Conker fans hoped his return to gaming would be like.