Cities: Skylines may not have Godzilla or tornadoes, but it could have Trevor

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That’s Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V as a playable map in Cities: Skylines. One of the big attractions for many players of Colossal Order’s city sim is the game’s mod community. As of this writing, there are almost 14,000 items in the Steam Workshop. Everything can be found there from user-made buildings, real-world maps, and wacky road patterns, to game changers like a tool to remove that dag-blasted Chirpy bird. The mod scene for Cities: Skylines is popular enough that one ex-Maxis developer hopes to make a temporary living through his custom building work.

The game isn’t without flaws, but its popularity has propelled it to becoming publisher Paradox’s fastest selling game at launch. Not bad for a game that routinely gets confused with the appalling Cities XL franchise.