You can only be legendary in Battlefield: Hardline by paying for premium access

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Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have announced Battlefield: Hardline Premium. Like previous premium packages for the Battlefield series, it offers incentives like map packs, priority in server queues, “battlepacks” – the virtual loot boxes that can give you weapon accessories or XP boosts, and cosmetic do-dads that normal players won’t get. Along with these bits and bobs, EA has locked “legendary” progression behind the premium membership. That’s when a player maxes out his XP and cycles back to the beginning to jump on the treadmill again. It’s a staple of Call of Duty multiplayer (known as prestige mode) and some players invest a ton of time into doing it. Previous Battlefield games didn’t offer any incentives for resetting multiplayer progress, but it seems EA is eager to keep people grinding.

Battlefield: Hardline Premium is $50, and requires ownership of Battlefield: Hardline.