Guild Wars 2’s new class is not for the faint of heart

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When Guild Wars 2’s Heart of Thorns expansion was announced, there was a lot of stuff dumped into the info-sphere sans detail. We learned about the MOBA-lite mode and how ArenaNet plans on keeping it short but sweet. Today, we’re covering the new character profession. The Revenant holds to the developer’s philosophy of not just adding more levels onto their game, but instead offering ways to grow vertically.

The new profession’s archetype revolves around mixing up legendary powers from a pool of options. Along with that, Revenants will need to manage the energy cost of their powers’ upkeep, while keeping mind that weapons aren’t tied to the legend power. Get ready to play havoc with your hotbar!

The current active legend will determine the skills on the right half of your skill bar. It’s similar to weapon swapping, but instead it affects your healing, utility, and elite skills. Not only will the legend you select determine your skills, but you’ll have an energy bar tied to your currently invoked legend.

New players to Guild Wars should probably avoid starting a Revenant character until they’ve tried one of the simpler professions first. The basic Warrior or Ranger is right over there on the selection screen.