Godus needed a Kate Upton, but it got a FuriousMoo instead

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What’s going on with Godus? Peter Molyneaux’s Kickstarter-funded return to god games is still in early access on PC, but it seems things are not rosy on the project. New designer Konrad “FuriousMoo” Naszynski says that in his weeks at 22cans, he’s run into frustrations with the game’s development. Specifically, he noted that changes to the game must maintain the vision laid out by Molyneaux. Along with that, the mobile version of the game takes precedence since it’s the main source of revenue for project.

We compiled a long broad list of things we can do to the game (both mobile focused and pc focused) with items made up from a combination of community feedback, kickstarter obligations, publisher requests and my own ideas. We then had to score them based on difficulty of task, resources required and cost against returns. There’s a few things which are taken into consideration when deciding what the returns of any item would be; is it direct revenue (like more cosmetic items for mobile), is it something that could potentially get us a steam feature (and bring in pc revenue) or is it something that would improve the company reputation. Using this matrix we are slowly producing a plan for the year.

Quite frankly it’s been exhausting, but I’m starting to feel cautiously optimistic. If I had it my way I wouldn’t bother with mobile, not worry about cost and just work on improving the pc experience, but that’s never going to happen. What is good is that a lot of the things I want to do, things that would improve the pc game, I can make a case for them based on improving the company reputation and increased chance of a steam feature placement.

Earlier, Naszynski had confessed that 22cans would likely not be able to fulfill all the goals from the Kickstarter. What can we conclude from all this? If you want 22cans to support Godus better, buy more stuff for the mobile version. I hear that hiring a swimsuit model does wonders for growing a free-to-play game’s revenue.