The one thing missing from Frozen Cortex now is a “deflategate” investigation

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Frozen Cortex (formerly called Frozen Endzone) now has a single player game just in time for the Superbowl. The early access future-sport title from Mode 7 Games had skirmish matches previously, but they were bare little things lacking context. The NFL knows fans love a big helping of drama served with their manly football antics. Check out the features being rolled out in the latest update! Knockout mode is a hardcore, lose-one-game-and-you’re-done option, teams now have unique coaches, there’s a random league feature, announcers have dialogue, and there’s even a story behind all the running and robot tackles.

Also featured for the first time is Frozen Cortex’s narrative. A scandal in the Global Cortex League threatens to undermine the entire game and might just be connected to the fate of the entire country…

The narrative develops as the player plays their matches, persisting between playthroughs and between Knockout and Global Cortex League mode. We’ve tried to tell an involving story while still allowing the player to dip in and out of whichever mode they wish.

Mode 7’s Frozen Cortex is available on Steam and the official site.