The Elder Scrolls Online is making subscriptions optional, surprising no one

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When ZeniMax Online Studios first announced that The Elder Scrolls Online would require a client purchase and a monthly subscription to play, gamers weren’t shy about expressing what they thought of that. Many an MMO vet proclaimed that the pricing scheme was doomed to fail and that it wouldn’t be long before the studio would be forced to drop the subscription. Less than a year since it’s April 2014 launch, that prediction has come true. The Elder Scrolls Online is dropping the subscription requirement.

The game becomes The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited on March 17th. At that time, the subscription requirement will go away. People that want to play the game going forward will need only buy a copy of the client and make an account. Players will have the option of paying a subscription to upgrade their accounts to ESO Plus status, giving them some “premium” benefits like more in-game gold, buffs to XP, and some of the virtual cash which regular players can purchase with real-world money to support the game.