Cones of Dunshire is now a thing you can buy

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One of the running gags in NBC’s Parks and Recreation is Cones of Dunshire, an overly complex game invented by Adam Scott’s accountant character Ben Wyatt. Introduced in the ninth episode of the sixth season, the game revolves around taking control of the titular cones, moving pieces, and rolling tons of dice to resolve inscrutable conflicts. Imagine the nightmare version of a bad Reiner Knizia knock-off game and you’re there.

Cough up $500 and you may be able to own Cones of Dunshire for real. Mayfair Games has started a Kickstarter for Cones, which if funded, will bring the joke game to life. Mayfair tested a real version of the game at Gen Con 2014, with proceeds going to charity, but the Kickstarter “deluxe” version will bring the game to your closet shelf where it can sit proudly next to your limited edition Pokemon Monopoly set.

But, of course, it’s all about the cones. Sure, there are some games that have cones, but then there is THIS game. Wrap your head around 48 Cones of Dunshire cones in 4 different colors, Red, Green, Yellow, AND Blue. And who can forget the Start Player Cone? Is it the most important cone in the game? You have to play to find out. Then there is the big one, The Cone of Decision, AKA The Dark Cone. This one is a monster. I mean this thing is a gigantic piece of wood. Please do not use it as a weapon. This giant cone can only be controlled by the Cone Sheath, which slides on snugly.

Keep in mind that the $150 level will only get you a Cones of Dunshire box. You need to pledge at least $500 to get the actual game.