Elite: Dangerous comes out of beta with 400 billion opportunities to start over

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Elite: Dangerous, the long-awaited spaceship sim from Frontier developments, has launched. You can see the video here in which game designer and studio head David Braben pushes the symbolic big red button to officially release the game. After the crowd-sourcing and lengthy alpha and beta periods, would-be Sidewinder pilots can explore, trade, and fight each other in 400 billion procedurally generated star systems. Become a trader to buy low and sell high. Buy a nicer ship. Supercruise between points of interest and get ambushed by someone with a better ship than yours. Go back to your starter ship and begin again.

Frontier Developments promises that Elite: Dangerous will have plenty of post-launch support. Work on the online shared galaxy will continue to include a dynamically changing storyline and economy. Elite: Dangerous is available from the developer’s online store.