Tired of Forza Horizon 2’s faux Europe? Take a vacation to Storm Island.

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What is it with islands and open world driving? Something about cruising next to the boardwalk and blazing around mountain roads seems to hit the racing sweet spot. Forza Horizon 2 suggests that racing up and down a sunny beach is old news, so the upcoming Storm Island add-on invites players to go all Colin McRae on the wilderness in a monsoon downpour. Take that, palm trees! The DLC promises 6 new vehicles, a new barn find, and 80 new events spread across an all-new island area. Events will take advantage of “extreme” weather conditions, which going by the trailer is a lot of rain.

The Storm Island expansion for Forza Horizon 2 launches tomorrow for $20 by itself, but Forza VIP members can purchase it for only $10.