Nude insurgents will not come to Papers, Please’s new Arstotzka

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The iPad version of Papers, Please will be released on December 12th. Developer Lucas Pope tweeted the announcement after the game passed Apple’s vetting process. The 2014 Seumas McNally Grand Prize winning game puts players in the role of a border guard for a fictional Eastern European country during the Cold War. The gameplay features a cramped space, washed out colors, and increasingly difficult security tasks that ties the player’s success to dwindling resources for his family. Letting the “wrong” people cross the border results in punishment that can eventually result in a cold and bitter death. Think of it as a quality control job overseen by Stalin.

It turns out that the game was itself turned away from Apple’s “walled garden” for pornographic content. The full body scanner in the PC version of the game sometimes presents players with the pixelated nude image of border applicants. This screen had to be changed to Apple’s satisfaction. Too pornographic indeed! This is what we must do to protect Arstotzka from the foreign hordes! Be ever vigilant.