Project SkyLight adds razzle dazzle to the PlayStation 4

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One of the biggest letdowns of the last console generation were faceplates. These were the decorative chunks of plastic that promised to jazz up your plain old console. Instead of looking at the boring front of the machine, you could get a snazzy tribal tattoo design, a logo from your favorite AAA game franchise, or even a picture of your favorite celebrity. With tasteful stuff like this available, it’s a mystery why they went away.

Sony is bringing it back. Well, they’re at least going to try. Project SkyLight aims to add a little cosmetic flair to the PlayStation 4. It’s a “beta” program for now, so the only two designs are for Little Big Planet 3 and The Order: 1886. If enough people buy them, Sony may widen the selection. Don’t worry if you’re not smitten with the designs offered, because these “faceplates” go on the side of the console – where you won’t even see them in most cases. $24.99 to not look at these seems fair.