Broken Age will be mended soon

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Double Fine’s Broken Age will be complete in 2015. Although the first half of the crowd-funded game was released in January 2014, fans have been waiting for a resolution to the cliffhanger ending since then. Producer and brand manager Greg Rice posted a brief summary of the progress so far as well as a projection for the release of the point & click adventure’s second act.

The goal now is to get all the finale work done so we can hit Alpha on all of Act 2 by the end of the year. That means, as you may have guessed based on recent updates and documentary episodes, the Act 2 ship that will deliver the complete adventure is now looking like it will be early next year.

Broken Age wasn’t originally planned to be split into two parts, but the Kickstarter campaign increased the budget from $400k to over $3 million, forcing Double Fine to reassess the development schedule. Broken Age is available on Steam or from Double Fine’s site.