MiniDayZ has everything its big brother has except the payoff

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Bohemia Interactive has released MiniDayZ. It’s a simple top-down 2D zombie apocalypse survival game based on DayZ. Scavenging for canned goods, dodging zombies, and stockpiling ammo. It’s all here. The only thing missing is the constant paranoia of bumping into another randomly homicidal player that will force-feed you detergent, or steal all your clothing. MiniDayZ is a single player affair, you see. You can just wander around safe in the knowledge that xXxKILLINnDRILLIN420xXx won’t show up to point a gun at your face and make you dance to dubstep Katy Perry.

MiniDayZ can be claimed for free from the Bohemia Interactive store.