Just Cause 3 won’t have microtransactions, but it will have DLC

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Avalanche Studios, developers of Just Cause and Just Cause 2, have announced Just Cause 3 and debunked rumors that it would have free-to-play pricing. Christofer Sundberg co-founder of the studio made the announcement yesterday taking time to address the leaked development images from earlier in the month. Sundberg assured fans that the dismaying screenshots were from an “ancient” build of the game in which they were testing ideas.

Like most games, this one went through an exploratory phase where we looked at different control schemes, different technologies, different business models. Those leaked screenshots show aspects of that process, and in no way reflect the game we are making today.

Sundberg went on to say that the studio will support Just Cause 3 with DLC packs. Just Cause 3 will launch in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.